Studebaker Wheel is Now Available in the Digital Library

Click to view the entire issue in the Hagley Digital Archives.

This week I would like to highlight a newly available resource in the digital collection: Studebaker Wheel: a Monthly Magazine for the Motorist.

We recently digitized all the issues of this magazine in the collection. The collection, however, does not contain the complete run of this monthly magazine, and several issues have pages missing. (Note: Descriptive information accompanying the scans for each issue lists the missing pages.) The collection holds fifty-two issues, total, with most concentrated in the magazine’s early years, from 1926 through 1940. The latest issue appeared in 1955.

Issues cover a wide range of topics, including stories of endurance rides completed in Studebakers, lists of members of the 100,000-mile Studebaker club, news articles on general automotive topics, the latest features available in Studebaker cars, Studebaker maintenance tips, and a page titled “Laughing Gas,” featuring jokes and humorous stories. Many issues also include articles on sporting events, from a descriptive piece teaching readers about curling to articles on baseball and golf.

Click to view complete issues in the Hagley Digital Archives.

Simply search for “Studebaker Wheel” in the Digital Library to find all the available issues.

Our digitization volunteer, Alice Hanes, made this new resource possible through her diligent work. Over the last year, she has scanned nearly 600 items, and continues to add to this total each week. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful volunteer working on the Vinson project, so thank you, Alice, for all your hard work!

I also wanted to remind any of our readers that are attending the Society of Automotive Historians conference this week in Philadelphia that I will be there. I hope to have the chance to meet many of you during the conference and to see you at my talk on Saturday morning!

Emily Cottle is the Project Archivist/Cataloger for the Z. Taylor Vinson Collection at Hagley Museum and Library.

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