Studebaker Vacation Check Book

Studebaker Vacation Check Book.

As the summer season approaches, we can start to think about all the vacations and summer road trips that we have ahead of us. Nowadays when we set out on a vacation, the preparation involves stopping the mail (if that) and then flipping off the lights as we head out the door. In 1938, there were many more steps involved. These are highlighted in a publication from Studebaker called Vacation Check Book.

The first pages are dedicated to how to prepare your Studebaker for the journey, which is certainly much more extensive than what we would think to do to our modern day cars. If our gas tank is full and our oil isn’t due to be changed, we’re ready to go! We don’t usually stop to check if our crankcase is full or whether or not the proper grade of summer lubricant is being used. Once you complete the checklist and head out on the roads, a list of parts depots around the country is provided to assist a traveling Studebaker owner with any issues that may arise.

The next section provides a detailed list to complete before you leave home, such as cancelling one’s engagements, turning off the refrigerator and its pilot light, stopping the milk, arranging for mail to be forwarded to wherever you are traveling, and much more.

Introduction to First Aid section.

It goes on to detail what should be packed for the journey and even a provides a review of first aid procedures. The booklet is available in its entirety in the Hagley Digital Archives.

We wish everyone safe and happy travels this summer as they set out on those summer road trips!

Emily Cottle is the Project Archivist/Cataloger for the Z. Taylor Vinson Collection at Hagley Museum and Library.

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