Welcome to the blog for the Z. Taylor Vinson Transportation Collection at Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, Delaware. This project is being funded by a Cataloging Hidden Special Collections grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR).

This three year project began in March 2011 and is under the direction of Max Moeller, Curator of the Imprints Department at Hagley. Processing is being completed by Project Archivist/Cataloger Kent Jaehnig. Throughout the course of the project there will also be graduate assistants and volunteers.

This is a unique processing project because the majority of the collection is printed and published materials, not something one usually finds in archival collections. However, an archival approach is being applied to these printed materials because it was calculated that to individually catalog each item in the collection would take 60 years. Using the archival approach of More Product, Less Process, the collection will be open and accessible in three.

The collection will not be open to researchers until processing is completed in early 2014. The exception to this is the over 700 books that came with the collection. These have already been cataloged and can be found by searching the library catalog for “Z. Taylor Vinson Collection.”

This project also includes a digitization component. Items are currently being scanned and the digital collection will go live before the end of 2011 and then continue to grow throughout the rest of the project.

We will use this blog to highlight unique items, discuss our methodology, and to keep everyone informed of the progress of the project.

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