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  1. I was invited by Mr. Vinson’s family to go through his collection of merchandising material, catalogs, folders, ads, photos, books, magazines insofar as they related to Cadillac & LaSalle automobiles. I should like to be kept apprised of progress made by the Library to catalog this (small) part of the Vinson collection. Many thanks in advance. Please also convey my kind regards to Ms. Terry Snyder whom I had occasion to meet in Washington DC prior to the Library picking up the collection.

    • We are currently 1 year into your 3 year processing project. All of the books have already been cataloged and are available for use. They can be found by searching Z. Taylor Vinson Collection in our Library Catalog ( We plan to start work on cataloging the serials in the coming months. The trade catalogs are all still being worked through and the finding aid describing them will be available when processing is complete in very early 2014.

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