Automotive History Conference, April 12-14, 2012

As mentioned in previous post, Mr. Vinson was an active member of the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH), having served as both its president and editor of its Automotive History Review. In April, SAH will be holding its Ninth Biennial Automotive History Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I will be speaking at the conference on Saturday April 14th about the Z. Taylor Vinson Collection. After my presentation, there will be an afternoon tour of Hagley Museum and Library. The tour will include a trip to the Library to see some of the treasures of the Vinson Collection first hand.

I wanted to take this opportunity to see if any of our readers will be attending the conference and if so, what questions do you have about the collection? Is there anything in particular that you’re dying to know? Please post any thought, questions, or comments below so that I can try to address as many of these items as possible in my presentation. I look forward to meeting many of you there! Thank you in advance for any input you can offer. For more information about the conference, visit the Society of Automotive Historian’s website.

Emily Cottle is Project Archivist/Cataloger for the Z. Taylor Vinson Collection at Hagley Museum and Library.

5 thoughts on “Automotive History Conference, April 12-14, 2012

  1. Owing to prior committments I shall be unable to attend your conference on April 12-14, 2012. Could you possibly make a digital recording of your talk, not only for the benefit of the Library but also for my own (later) private use as creator-compiler of the Cadillac Database, a project for which I got much help from ZTV himself from 1972 to 2009.

  2. I am going to visit the new york autoshow in april. Will SAH have a ‘placement’ there? As a reader of the SAH-Journal for a long time I would be happy having personal contact with SAH organizers …
    I also might have the chance to come to Philadelphia to visit the SAH-Conference. Can you send me please the programme of this event – and is there a Conference-hotel arrangement available? thanks for your attention in advance – and best wishes from munich.
    Gert Schmidt

    • Though I am giving a presentation at their conference in April, I am not actually affiliated with SAH. However, I do think we have at least a few SAH members here in our readership, so I’m not sure if any of our readers who are SAH members can help you out with the New York Auto Show question.

      The conference program is available on their website:

      Their website also contains contact information if you’d like to reach out to SAH directly. Hope this helps!

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