Can You Afford to Walk? – Trojan Pleasure Car

Trojan Ltd. and its cars began as the product of Leslie Hayward Hounsfield. His main concern in the design of his new vehicles was the simplicity of both driving and maintenance. Company advertising focused heavily on its simplicity. Early advertising bragged that the engines only had seven moving parts – four pistons, two v-shaped con rods, and a crankshaft.

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The brochure shown here advertises the Trojan Pleasure Car. The text of this catalog expounds the various low-maintenance and automatic features that made this car such a pleasure to own and drive. In addition to being low-maintenance, another crucial aspect of the car’s pleasure was the physical comfort the interiors provided. The brochure shown here highlights this through the following: “The new season’s models are better fitted than ever to uphold the Trojan traditions, and maintain the unsurpassed comfort.”

In addition to their focus on the enjoyable aspects of having such a low-maintenance, simple to drive, and comfortable vehicle, they began an ad campaign, “Can you afford to walk?” In it, they proved that driving 200 miles in a Trojan cost less than one would spend on shoe leather and socks.

This history and marketing strategies of Trojan are well documented in Can You Afford to Walk? The History of the Hounsfield Trojan Motor Car by Eric Rance and Don Williams (TL215 .H68 R3 1999). This work is complete with photographs and a detailed account of the history of the Trojan.

In addition to historical information about Trojan cars, which ceased production in the 1960s, the book contains information on owners’ clubs still active today and the appendices even document all the Trojans known to still exist as of the book’s printing in 1999.

For more information, view the entire brochure for the Trojan Pleasure Car in the Hagley Digital Archives or come to the Library and check out Can You Afford to Walk? The History of the Hounsfield Trojan Motor Car for yourself.

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Emily Cottle is the Project Archivist/Cataloger for the Z. Taylor Vinson Collection at Hagley Museum and Library.

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